In order to personalize their living place, Native American people used the language of symbols and colors and expressed these through painting. There were many common symbols, yet each tribe had its own symbolism. Different colors and shapes conveyed important stories of daily life as well as legends or myths. They could be war expeditions, hunting scenes, dreams or visions, but they always demonstrated the magic touch of their harmonious coexistence with the Universe.

Besides including our own paintings which respect the native aesthetic, we also create paintings in the traditional style of different cultures closely linked to the history of the teepee.

Our artwork is carried out entirely by hand, mostly with natural pigments mixed with latex, making them resistant to water and sun.

All fabrics of the teepee including the cover, lining, ozan, door and rain triangle, are usually decorated.

The cost of the painting depends on the complexity of the drawing, the surface to be covered, as well as the size of the teepee and range of colors.